Method 1 - Using The Video Store

The video store is your clients access point to purchase your media content. The content is 100% yours and gymGO does not have any rights to it. Think of your own Netflix where you own the content and you can distribute it however you see fit.

Step 1 - Create A "Media Product"

A product is just a way to group videos into a playlist and create a price choice for your clients. Either click the plus button or create a new product.

Choose a name for your product. This is what your customers will see before they purchase. Something like "Summer Body Burn Series" or "Healthy Cooking 101". You usually want to be creative for this because potential clients will be able to purchase this and it's the first thing they see. You could link this product to your Instagram or Facebook page to monetize your followers.

On the next screen you will see a box "Product Information" (see below)

The "Product Name" and "Product Description" are publicly visible before a client purchases. Be sure to include a long and descriptive title and description for your potential customers. You can use these fields as part of your sales strategy. Make the product name and product description compelling and exciting!

Step 2 - Set Up Product Configuration

Setting up a product consists of three parts:

  1. Videos that are included as a "playlist"

  2. How much it costs to rent or purchase. These are called "pricing plans"

  3. Setting up other information like a description and cover photo.

First step is to attach some media to your product. Click attach video.

You may need to upload or record your videos before you publish your first product. Make sure to visit our dedicated help article on how to upload or record video content here.

Once you attach a media file you can set up a title and description for the video. The title and description here are both shown to a client on the purchase page (before they purchase).

You're not limited in any way when adding media to your product. You are also able to drag and drop the order that displays when a client is purchasing -- Just use the drag and drop indicators.

You can offer multiple prices for the same product.

You may want to offer only 7 day access to your video series or maybe you want to give your clients the option to purchase the video series for a one time fee and they have unlimited access.

Update the cover photo

The cover photo is what your clients see when they are purchasing your content.

Method 2 - Assigning A Package Or Membership To A Single Video File

Using this method only allows you to attach a single video to a package or a membership. This is different then attaching a video series (where you have multiple videos grouped together). For example, John, a personal trainer has a 15 minute "lunch time workout" he'd like to share with his paying clients who have purchased a 10 pack of personal training appointments or his boot camp clients who pay him $99/month for a membership.

Step 1 - Click "Media" From The Navigation Drawer On The Left

Step 2 - Either choose previously uploaded content or click "Upload Video"

If you have already uploaded the content you wish to share with your clients, click on the content you want to share.

If you're uploading new content click "Upload Video"

Step 3 - Choose Packages Or Memberships

You can assign packages to a recording

You can assign packages to a video file. If you choose to assign packages to a video file we will grant access to any clients who have a valid, unused package to that file.

You can assign memberships to a recording

You will see a list of memberships you can associate with the file. When a membership is associated with a video file we will grant access to clients who have an active membership that matches with the memberships you selected.

Step 3 - Showing your clients how to access the videos

Clients can find videos they have access to within the client portal under the dropdown menu next to their name. The link will be titled "My Videos and Files". You can share this information with them or send them the link directly to the file.

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