Usually gymGO is able to convert your videos for you. However, there are some cases where you have a large video or incompatible format that you need to convert first.

Sometimes when you take a video from a high resolution device like a GoPro you'll need a transcoding software on your computer to decrease the size of the file without affecting the quality. We recommend Handbrake for this task. Download Handbrake onto your computer and load your video and select "mp4" format. "mp4" format is the most common for sharing and displaying on devices on the web.

Here is an example file that is 283.9MB

After selecting mp4 format as shown in the Handbrake screenshot below I was able to get the size down to quite substantially.

Once you convert the video to a smaller size try again to upload to the gymGO platform. See instructions on uploading to gymGO here.

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