When you export a video from your favorite video editor (iMovie, Lumen5, Nero Video, Filmora, Adobe Elements etc) you compress it to reduce its file size so that it's easier for people to watch over the internet. This compression usually doesn't effect quality.

Here's some of the recommended video settings prior to upload to gymGO

* .mp4 is recommended, however we also support other video formats such as .mov

* 1080p or smaller

* H.264 video codec

* 20 - 30 fps

* 8Mbps or less

* 10-second max keyframe interval

* Maximum 15GB uploads. If you try and upload anything larger you will see an error. Try to follow the above bullet points to export your video or search Google on how to make a video smaller. If your video is larger than 1GB for every 30 minutes you most likely will be able to compress it to a more suitable size.

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