How to send a PDF or image via Media Hub. You can send a PDF or image to an individual client or a group of clients that are part of a membership or package.

Step 1: Visit Media Hub and press "Upload PDF or Image"

Step 2: Choose a title and description for the PDF or image.

Step 3: Find the file on your computer and press "Save".

Step 4: Assign clients, packages, or memberships to the PDF.

How to sell a PDF or image via Media Store. You can create content for sale that includes PDF's or images that you have uploaded to the media hub.

Step 1: Upload PDF or image to the media hub.

Step 2: Visit Media Store and press the green "+" symbol to create a new product.

Step 3: Click "Get Started"

Step 4: Add a title and click "Start Creating Product"

Step 5: Attach any videos, PDF's, and images that you need to create the product

Step 6: Edit each file to add a title and description. You can also decide if you want it to be available immediately after purchase or a certain number of hours after purchase.

Step 7: Click "Create Price Choice" to set a price and expiration for your new product.

Step 8: Add a product title and description in the "Product Information" card.

Step 9: Choose a file to use as a cover photo for your product.

Step 10: Publish your product using the switch in the upper right corner of your screen.

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