Click into Communications Hub from the left hand side menu -> Click the "+" to start a new email rule -> One Time-On A Date -> Select your Date and Time you wish to send the email -> Name this Rule (only you will see this) -> Setup your Email Message.


Once you set your email parameters, you will now create your email message and delegate who you want to send the email blast to -> Slide to Turn On Email Message -> Write out your message, remember you can copy and paste the template variables below the message box to help personalize your message ->Hit Save ->


One Time Emails will send to all your active clients unless you use the filters on Don't Restrict Who I Send To (if you wish to send a message to a single person or few) -> Click on the Send to # clients (this message will now send at the date and time you selected) -> Click "Yes" to send to the # of clients



Your goBOT will give you a countdown to when the message will send. If needed, you can hit "Destroy Me" to cancel sending the message.


*You can also send Text or Web App Blasts. Texts have a max of 250 Characters and no emojis. Web App Alerts will show up if your client has downloaded your custom web app to their home screen on their mobile device.

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