How To Create Automated Communications

Go to Communications Hub (left hand side menu) -> Click the "+" sign and then Click Get Started -> Choose "When A Client Does Something" -> Choose how you want this communication to be triggered -> Name this Rule -> Click Next to configure message


Configure Your Communication

You can use the 2nd and 3rd filters located on the right hand side to customize your communications trigger to specific events. To start creating your communication, click the "Send An Email" filter -> Make sure you Slide to Turn On Email Message -> You will now add your Email Subject (what your clients will see in their inbox) -> Start creating your message. You can copy and paste the template variables below the email body if you wish (Ex: the variable: {{person.first_name}} will pull the persons first name into your email, wherever you past this variable. These variables help personalize the message to your clients. Once you create your message you will need to hit Save below the template variables. To activate your communication, be sure to slide the slider located under the robot's face on the left to "Activated".

email screenshot

*You can also Create a Text Message and Web App Alert to be sent out following the same steps as an email and making sure you hit Save. Text Messages must be 250 characters or less without emojis in order to save and send. Clients will get the Web App Notifications if they have downloaded your custom App to their mobile device!

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