Capture and track any client data with gymGO

Forms are a crucial portion of any fitness business. From collecting client biometric information, physical ailments, current exercise patterns and much more. gymGO allows you to capture simple and advanced information and track it over time using custom forms.

Step 1: Create Questions That You'd Like To Collect

Decide what questions you'd like to collect from your clients. An example would be "weight", "height", or "birth date", or in the case of a par-q form "have you ever had chest pain while working out?". Answers can be simple text, a number without a decimal, a number with a decimal or a date.

Navigate to "Forms & Client Data" from the left hand navigation menu and then click on the "Questions" tab. Click the green plus button to create a new question.

Add the remaining questions you'd like to collect. You can have as many as you'd like and you can use the same question on multiple forms.

Step 2: Add The Questions You Created On A Form

Now comes the fun part. You can group questions together onto a "form". Click the "Forms" tab and click the green plus button to create a new form.

You can organize parts of the form in sections. Common sections might be "biometric data" or "exercise questions". Start by creating your first section and adding a question to the section. Once you choose a title for your form you will be provided a link where you can preview your newly created form.

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