What is Strava?

Strava is a social network for athletes. The FREE app allows you to connect various wearable devices to track any sort of physical activity. gymGO allows your clients to import data from their Strava app directly into their gymGO client portal, thus giving you, their trainer access to the data as well!

Strava App

How do clients get started?

STEP 1: Clients can use a desktop or mobile device to create their free Strava account.

Create Strava Account

STEP 2: Clients must verify their email address and Allow access to health-related data from paired devices.

Access to health data

STEP 3: Strava offers a free version and a paid version, clients only need the free version to use Strava with gymGO.

Free version

STEP 4: In order to record HR, your client should connect a wearable device. If they do not have a wearable device, they can still record time, speed, and distance with a mobile device or manually record session information as well.

Connect device
Compatible devices

STEP 5: Privacy Settings - In order to import their activity data to gymGO, they must have their Privacy setting set to either "Followers" or "Public".

Privacy Settings

How do clients import their activity data into gymGO?

In order to import their activity data, clients will need to login to their client portal. From their they should open the dropdown menu located next to their name in the upper right corner and select "Your Wearable Data".

Your Wearable Data

Next your client should select "Connect My Strava Account" and follow the prompts.

Connect My Strava Account

Now they can either import any previous activity by selecting "Import Activity" or they can wait and any future activity will be automatically imported within 15 minutes of completing the activity.

Import Activity

Clients will see their results on the "Data Trends" chart. This chart will also include any previously collected info from a "Recurring Metrics Form" that they've submitted. Measurements can be filtered to see more or les on the Data Trends chart.

Data Trends Chart

How do I review my clients imported data?

You can view imported data by going to Client Manager > Click into your clients' account > Select the Forms & Data tab. There you will see your clients' imports as a Form Submission. The data will also be logged on the Form Submission Trends chart for you to review. You can filter this chart to see the data that you are interested in tracking.

Forms & Data

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