Package expiration dates CANNOT be changed once created in Client Billing so you will need to go to the Client's Package update the expiration date individually. Go to Client Manager -> Click on client's account -> Click on Billing Tab -> Click on the Package you need to edit -> Within Associated Package Details you will find Expiration Date -> Click on Modify, this will bring up a calendar where you will choose the new expiration date->Pick the new date-> This will update and save the new expiration date.

You may need to place a clients' package on hold. To do this, go to Client Manager to find the client whose package you will need to place on hold -> Click into their account -> Go to the Billing Tab -> Click into the Package you need to Hold -> You will see Associated Package Details -> Scroll down and you will find a On Hold scroll tab -> This is grey when a package is active to place On Hold scroll the tab over to green -> You will now see On Hold. While a package is on hold they will not be able to access the service items associated with that package they will be asked to purchase a new membership or package.

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