How To Create A Package

To create a package you'll want to visit the "Billing" from the navigation menu. Choose the "Packages" tab and choose "Create A Package".


1. Title - The title is public and it's what your clients will be using to differentiate the packages that you offer. Businesses like to use something catchy here that will tell your clients what your package is all about. Here are some examples for titles: "6 Pack Of Boot Camps In Century Park" or "10 Pack Personal Training 45 Minute Appointments".

2. Price - The price of your package is how much money you will be charging the client for your package. We recommend starting with a single session or "drop in" rate and then base the rest of your packages on that single session rate.

3. Number of classes allowed - The number of classes is how many classes the person who purchases this package will be able to attend.


4. Description - The description of the package is also public and your clients will be looking at it to decide if they would like to purchase this package. Try to be as specific as possible here about what your package includes.

5. Publicly Listed - Whether or not you want this package to be public on your calendar. Most likely you want it to be public however there are instances in which you would like it to be private. For example, if you are creating a $0.00 package for Groupon redemption you might make this private and only provide the link to customers.


6. Expires After Months / Expires After Days - This is when the purchase will expire. We will add the months and days together to determine the date that the purchase will expire.


7. Include Coupon Or Voucher Code - If you choose yes to this we will include an input field for the customer to enter a coupon or a voucher code when they purchase the package. This will allow you to apply coupons or codes to the purchase.


How To Update A Package

Once you create a package you can update certain fields by clicking on the package from the list and then clicking the pencil icon. You're allowed to update the title, description, price, public/private listing, and coupon code visibility. You cannot update the expiry date and how many classes are allowed. If you need to update those fields you should create a new package.


Add A Fee To A Package Purchase

If you would like to charge your clients a one-time fee when they purchase a package, you can do so by clicking on the package from the list and then clicking the pencil icon to edit the package. This option is listed at the bottom of the package edit screen. If you already have Fees setup you can pick to add those or you can create a new fee by clicking onto "create a new one by clicking here" and follow the prompts to add a new fee for your package.


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