An existing membership can be modified by upgrading or downgrading the existing plan. For example, a customer might want to switch from your 8-session/month membership to your unlimited membership. Please follow the steps below to upgrade or downgrade your clients’ membership:

Click "Clients" from the left hand navigation menu. Search for your client and click their name to view their account.


Choose the "Billing" tab and click on the active membership that you would like to change.


From here, you can manage your clients' membership. You have the ability to cancel the membership, change the billing date, put a hold on billing, change the membership type (upgrade/downgrade), and view the clients payment history.

To change the membership type, click the drop down menu under "Membership Type" and choose the new membership. Don't forget to click "Confirm"!


Your clients membership has now been changed. If their membership was changed in the middle of a billing cycle, this will result in a pro-rated charge adjustment.

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