How To Cancel A Membership

Go to the Client's Account (from Client Manager) -> Click on the Membership you wish to cancel -> You click into Cancel and you will be asked if you wish to cancel now or end of billing cycle. If you cancel now that client will no longer have access to those sessions/media content attached to that membership. If you cancel the membership at the end of the billing cycle, they will have access to those sessions/media content until the end of the billing cycle then they will no longer have access.


Put A Membership On Hold

If you have a member that needs to stop their payments for a period of time you will need to put their membership on hold. You will go into their account (same as above) and you will click on Change Billing Date or Hold -> Hold and gymGO will ask the date in which you wish to resume their membership -> This will be their new invoice date -> You can choose to prorate your clients next payment or not and have them pay the full amount once the Hold is lifted.


How To Change The Billing Date

Go to the Clients' Account from Client Manager -> Choose the Billing Tab -> Click into the Membership you wish to change the billing date -> Click on Hold/Change Billing Date -> Pick the date you wish to have as their new billing cycle -> The system will ask you if you wish to give credit for unused time (Prorate) -> You will highlight the Do Not Prorate to Prorate (green) -> Click Save to save the new billing date

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