Memberships are one of the two fundamental ways to collect money for your services through gymGO. Memberships allow you to collect recurring payments from your clients.

There are two ways that a client can enter into a membership through gymGO:

1. When attempting to sign into a class

When clients attempt to sign into class they will be prompted to purchase a membership if you've assigned the membership to the calendar item they are attempting to sign into.

2. When an administrator adds the membership to their account

As an administrator of an account you have the ability to apply a membership to a clients account so they don't have to. Here are the steps to apply a membership to a clients account.

  1. Visit the client's profile page

  2. Choose the "Billing" tab

  3. Click "Start New Membership" on the Client Memberships card

  4. Follow the guided workflow to add a new membership to your clients' account

When adding a membership to a clients' account, please note that if you add a trial period, it will override any trial period that was already set up for that specific membership.

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