How To Create A Membership:

To create a membership you'll want to visit the "Client Billing" from the navigation menu. Choose the "Memberships" tab and choose "Create a Membership"


1. Title - The title is public and it's what your clients will be using to differentiate the Memberships that you offer. Businesses like to use something catchy here that will tell your clients what your membership is all about. Here are some examples for titles: “Boot-camp Membership”, “Zumba and Fight Club Boxing Membership”

2. Price - The price of your membership is how much money you will be charging the client for your membership. Memberships are recurring payments unlike packages (one time purchase)

3. Payment Intervals – You can schedule your clients to have recurring membership charges as per monthly, weekly or even you can create an annual payment.


4. Description - The description of the membership is also public and your clients will be looking at it to decide if they would like to purchase this package. Try to be as specific as possible here about what your membership includes.

5. Publicly Listed – Whether or not you want this membership to be public on your calendar. Most likely you want it to be public however there are instances in which you would like it to be private. For example, if you are creating a $0.00 membership for Groupon redemption you might make this private and only provide the link to customers.


6. Are you offering your trial- You can decide if you wish to offer a free trial for your membership. If no then they will be instantly when purchasing the membership. If you wish to offer a free trial- you will add in the days that the trial will last and after the trial period your clients will be billed.


7. How long are you going to continue to charge your clients - You can decide if you want the membership to be month to month until you or your clients cancels or you can schedule a number of payment until the membership will stop. For example a 6 month membership-> 6 monthly payments or a year membership -> 12 monthly payments.


8. Is your membership unlimited or does the membership have # of sessions in a month- You can decide if you want to give your clients unlimited number of classes to attend during each billing cycle or you can choose to limit the number of sessions.


9. Does your membership have a fee- You can create a one time sign up fee or you can click to create and recurring fee that will get attached to the cost of the membership during each billing cycle.


How To Update A Membership

Once you create a membership you can update certain fields by clicking on the membership from the list and then clicking the pencil icon. You're allowed to update the title, description, setup or Initial fee, number of trial days, credit card statement description and if it is publicly listed. You can also edit the Membership Access Control where you can add or remove service items attached to the membership, as well as adding a document to sign. You cannot update the expiry date and how many classes are allowed or the number of billing cycles this membership has. If you need to update those fields you should create a new package.

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