Start by going into your Client Billing Tab-> If it is a Membership-> click into the Memberships Tab, click into the correct Membership to edit under Membership Available for Purchase. This will show you the Membership details along with the Access Control Panel.


If it is a Package-> Click into the Packages Tab, find the correct Package to edit under Packages Available for Purchase. This will show you the Package details along with the Access Control Panel.


The Access Control Panel is where you add the appropriate service items that go along with that Package/Membership. For example if this is a HIIT Membership/Package you will need to add all of your HIIT service items to this Access Control Panel under Service Items Portion by using the drop down arrow.


This means anyone with this Package/Membership will ONLY have access to those specific sessions. If a client goes to sign up for one of your HIIT classes and does not have a Package or Membership they will asked to Purchase the corresponding Packages/Membership associated with those Service Items this will ensure that anyone who does not have that Package or Membership cannot take that class unless you manually add them in the Attendance Tab prior to your session.

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