Third party payments are another way to give your clients access to your packages, memberships or video content if they pay you through another platform other than gymGO or pay by cash or check. Adding a third party payment essentially adds a "credit" balance to their account.

Apply a Third Party Payment to a Clients Account

Go to Client Manager from the left side menu -> Click into the Client's Account -> Choose the Billing Tab -> scroll down to Third Party Payments and click on the green "+" sign to add a new payment. Click Get Started -> Add amount being applied -> Choose how they paid (Venmo, Paypal, Cash, Check or Other) -> Add a reference number (optional) -> Choose a payment date (If you don't choose a date we will default this payment to today) -> Add special notes about payment (optional) -> Click Submit to record the payment.

To check that the payment got recorded, go to the Information Tab and you will see the clients updated balance. Now you can manually assign packages, memberships and video content to your client's account or they can purchase from the client portal.

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