You may want to leave notes about a clients session after the session/class is complete. These notes can be either hidden or visible to the client.

How To Add Session Notes

From the calendar, click into a session to get to the class details page. You can leave notes for each client who is registered for the class. To start a new note, click the "View/Add Notes" icon located in the row next to each clients name.


Type in session notes -> Decide whether or not these notes should be displayed to the client -> Click send.


Click back into the "View/Add Notes" icon to view previous notes and add additional notes.

Clients View of Notes

Client can view notes by logging into their account, going to the drop-down menu next to their name and clicking "Your Schedule". From there, they will want to view "Your Past Classes" to see any notes that have been left. Above each note, they will see the name of the instructor who left the note.


Notes Can Also Be Found In Client Manager

Session notes added to the class details page are also stored within the clients account on the attendance tab.


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