Assigning Cutoff Times and Late Cancellation to New Classes

With sign up cutoffs, you can decide how early and how late clients can sign up for classes. The late cancellation feature allows you to still charge clients for a class if they cancel after a certain time.

Click on calendar to start creating a new session -> Follow guided workflow until you get to step 6 "additional" -> Choose how early you want clients to be able to sign up for class -> Choose how late you want clients to be able to sign up for class -> Choose Cancellation Window -> Click "Next" to finish the guided workflow.


Editing Cutoff Times & Late Cancellation for Individual or Recurring Classes

Click into a session on the calendar -> Click the edit "pencil" icon -> Scroll down to find and edit the "Sign Up Cutoff", "Hours Clients Can Sign Up In Advance", and "Late Cancel Minutes" fields. Please note that if you want client to be able to sign up after a class has started, you will have to use a negative (-) number in that field. To update an entire recurring series of classes, make sure you check the box at the bottom of the class details screen that says "Update All Future Recurring".



Reversing a Late Cancel Fee

If you have a set a late cancellation window, and your client cancels within that window, they will be charged a session from their package or limited membership. This session charge can be reversed if you wish.

Go to "Client Manager" from the left side menu -> Find your clients name and click into their account -> Go to the "Attendance" tab. Find the cancelled class, and uncheck the "Late Cancel" box to remove the charge.


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