Things are going well. You have added virtual classes to your calendar and you have your dumbbells ready! Now it's time to get your clients all signed up and ready to join. There are a few small things that are required of your clients.

They must reserve a spot in class before the class starts

In order for clients to get logged into your virtual class they will have to reserve a spot. We require clients to reserve a spot in your class so that we can keep a detailed record of attendance for you. This is important to track your customers attendance so that you can run reports and make sure clients are only in classes that they've paid for. Once you create your class, you should direct your client to the schedule so they can sign into the class before it starts.

They must click the "join virtual" link provided to them on the calendar

Once the client has reserved a spot in the class they will see a link that is titled "join virtual". If they haven't signed in to the class ahead of time or are logged out of the system they will not be able to join the virtual session.

Client 1

When they click the "join virtual" link they will be sent to the "test connection" page which will make sure that they have set up their microphone and camera properly. The test page will also make sure that they have a stable internet connection. We give the option to the client to skip the test but we don't recommend this.

Clients 2
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