There are some basic minimum requirements in order for trainers to hear their clients. There are two possibilities for when you are unable to hear your client.

Possibility #1 - It's on your end (you don't have speakers or they're turned on low)

Solution: If you cannot hear the client there is a good chance that you have your speakers turned down. Depending on your device and set up you may have to adjust the volume of your speakers. Try turning the speakers up and down to make sure you can hear.

Possibility #2 - It's on the clients end (the client is missing a microphone or the microphone is unplugged)

Solution: The client needs to plug in their microphone and make sure that the browser is using it as the default. Different browsers have different settings for this and you can find the settings below for each browser:

Google Chrome (recommended)


Additionally, we provide a test for the client before the session to make sure that they have a compatible device and their microphone is set up properly. Make sure that the client does not skip the test and logs into the session well in advance to make sure their device is compatible.

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