Make sure you have a licensed version of Zoom. Pro, Business and Enterprise all work. See Zoom pricing for more details. Zoom integration is only available for some gymGO plans. Please visit our pricing page for more details.

Zoom Meetings Disclaimer:

Be aware that it's possible for Zoom to take control of your camera and participants camera and not allow any other applications like gymGO to access your or your students camera. You should also know that once a participant has joined a Zoom session they will have access to invite other people to the session through a Zoom link so you could have unexpected guests in your Zoom sessions. Also, gymGO offers group private sessions up to 12 participants. It's only suggested to use the Zoom integration if you are wanting 12+ participants in a large group setting where everybody can see each other. Double check that the gymGO Private or gymGO Public modes may be better suited for your use case. Additionally, the gymGO "record the instructor" feature does not work with Zoom meetings. If you plan to record your Zoom session using Zoom controls, you will then need to upload your Zoom recording into the gymGO media hub.

Step 1: Click Account Settings -> Integrations

Head over to the account settings drop down under your name. There are several horizontal tabs on this page. Scroll over to the "integrations" tab. On the integrations screen you'll see the ability to connect your Zoom account. Go ahead and click "Connect Zoom Account". By connecting your Zoom account you're allowing gymGO to create Zoom meetings on your behalf.

Once you authorize gymGO you can add Zoom classes to your calendar like you create any other gymGO class. Here's a screenshot of the create class form:

Once you've connected your Zoom account the Zoom option will appear.

Important: You do not need to manually send out Zoom links to your clients. gymGO automatically connects the client to the appropriate Zoom meeting.

Next, direct your clients to sign up for the class on your calendar. Normal gymGO payment flows and sign up applies.

Here's what the Instructor's screen will look like:

The instructor should only click "join zoom now" once they're ready to begin the class.

Here's what the clients screen will look like:

IMPORTANT: To test as a client make sure you are completely logged out of Zoom.

Deauthorizing gymGO

You are able to deauthorize gymGo from Zoom from the Zoom account portal. Find your apps and deauthorize gymGO. Please note that once you deactivate gymGO you will no longer be able to create Zoom sessions inside of gymGO.


Please contact customer support with any troubleshooting. You can contact customer support by clicking on the customer support widget from inside they gymGO app. You can expect response times of under 30 minutes during usual business hours. A first step in troubleshooting will be to go to the integration tab under account settings.

Disconnecting Your Zoom Account From gymGO

1. Login to your Zoom account and navigate to the Zoom app marketplace.

2. Click "Manage" --> "Installed Apps"

3. Click the gymGO app

4. Click uninstall

Note: When you disconnect the gymGO app from Zoom any future classes you've booked will not work.

Concurrent Zoom Sessions

You can use your Zoom integration to host concurrent Zoom meetings if you're on a paid Zoom account and your instructors are users under your primary Zoom account. To register instructors visit your gymGO "account settings" and click "instructors" tab. Edit the instructor and add their Zoom email address or ID and press save. After you add the Zoom email address to the instructor we will use that instructor to host the Zoom meeting.

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