Here's a few reasons why you might want to use Shared Video Coach.

Instructors Are Burnt Out

Instructing virtual classes is hard work! When coaching/instructing your students virtually most instructors will perform the full workout alongside their clients. Using Shared Video Coach you can play a pre-recorded video or series of exercises for your students to perform giving the instructor a much needed break. You can also reuse the videos so you only need to perform the exercise once.

Provide Detailed Coaching

When you're displaying a video of a workout you can watch all of your clients very carefully. This allows you to provide a more structured experience for your clients. In small group settings this can provide a better experience for your clients.

Quality Control For Your Organization

Are you an organization with multiple instructors? Easily use this feature to upload your pre-recorded video library of workouts. Have the instructor follow along with the clients to the videos you've already uploaded. This way you can guarantee the quality of the workout for your clients.

To use the Shared Video Coach feature follow these steps:

1) Upload all videos to the Media Hub

To use videos you'll need to make sure those videos are already uploaded to the Media Hub before beginning your session. By being able to upload your own videos you can customize your videos to your liking and not have to use stick figures or other pre-recorded libraries.

Pro Tip: You can upload an entire workout or individual exercises

2) Schedule and Join your session like you normally would.

Once you're in the session you'll be able to choose the button that looks like a TV. Here's a screenshot of all the buttons you'll see.

You'll easily be able to select the video that you want to share and watch with your client. Once you choose a video you can press play, pause and seek like a regular video. When you press play your clients in the session will see exactly what you see in the video. If you fast forward or rewind the video they will see the exact video that you see.

Please note that Shared Video Coaching is currently available with the Grow, Amplify, and Dominate subscription plans. To learn more about these plans, please visit gymGO Pricing.

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