Making a Reservation

Clients will first need to create an account or login to your client portal via your Public Website URL -> From the Schedule Tab (left hand side) they will choose a session and click "Sign Up" -> If there is a waiver attached to this class, clients will now be prompted to "Agree" in order to complete the reservation -> Once they have agreed, they can click "Complete Reservation" -> If they've already purchased a package or membership for this class, "Reservation Successful" will pop up and they can click "Go Back To Schedule". If the client does not have a package or membership to take the class, they will first be prompted to purchase one of the available purchasing options before they can reserve their spot in class.

Making a reservation
Complete reservation

Joining a Session from the Schedule:

From the schedule, the client clicks Join Virtual -> A device test will automatically test the clients camera, microphone, browser, and internet connection to make sure all are in working order -> Once the device test is complete, the client will now be able to join the session -> The client may see a screen that says "Waiting for Instructor to Join" -> Once the Instructor has joined, the session will begin.


device test-1

Joining a session through "Your Schedule":

From the drop-down menu next to your client name (top right corner) -> Click "Your Schedule" -> Here they will see any future reservations and can click "Join Virtual Class" to join an upcoming session.

your schedule

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