Purchasing a Package from the Packages Tab

Once you have sent your Public URL to your existing clients or copied and paste your URL to your website or social media pages-> Your Clients will need to Sign In or Create An Account->They will go to the left hand side menu and click into Packages-> Your client will then scroll through the packages you have available and then choose the package they wish to purchase-> Now they will need to put in their CC information and then click Update Card to purchase the package-> Once they have purchased their package, your client can now sign up to those service items assigned to the package.

purchase a package gymGO demo
update card 1
update card 2
purchase complete

Purchasing a Package by trying to sign up for a class

Once your client has signed in or created an account, they can click to sign up for a class-> They will now need to Agree to whatever Signatures you have attached to this package and then click Complete Reservation *YOUR CLIENT WILL NOT BE ABLE TO CONTINUE IF THEY DO NOT AGREE TO THE SIGNATURES YOU HAVE ATTACHED (waivers/contracts/other)* -> Once they complete the signatures they will now be able to Click Complete Reservation-> This will bring your client to the page where they will choose what package to purchase-> Click Purchase-> They will now update their CC information and then Click Update Card and Reserve Spot-> You will get a pop up notifying you that your spot is reserved->Your Client can now go back to the Schedule Tab to see their reservation or find their reservation by clicking into "Your Schedule" from the drop down menu by their name at the top right hand corner.

purchase a package by signing up for class
Complete reservation and Liability Waiver
purchase now
adding CC to reservation
update CC to reserve spot 2
Your spot is Reserved
your schedule
Your future classes

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