Adding and Inviting Users

Navigate to "Account Settings" from the dropdown menu next to your name in the upper right corner. Click the "Users" tab in the horizontal navigation.


There are two lists on this page. One list is for "current users" and the other is for "invited users". This means that when you send an invitation the user must accept the invitation and create a password to login to the gymGO platform.



You can resend an invite by clicking "Resend Invite". Note that when you resend an invitation any previous invitation emails will become invalid and the user will have to accept the most current invitation.


To delete a user click the "delete" button. Note that when you delete an instructor account we don't automatically delete the instructor information. The main reason for this is you most likely will want to keep track of that instructors history of classes. To permanently delete an instructor click on the "instructors" tab and delete the instructor from there.


To invite a new user click "invite user". You will see a screen like below:


Fill in the information and choose one or multiple roles. Note that you can only have one owner role per account.

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