Add and Invite New Instructors

Navigate to Account Settings using the dropdown menu next to your name in the upper right corner. Note that you must be logged in as the account owner in order to add new instructors.

Along the horizontal tab navigation there is a tab titled "Instructors". Click on the instructors tab to take you to the instructor management page. On the instructors management page you'll see a list of existing instructors. Here, you can add, edit and delete instructors. You can also choose whether or not you'll give login access to your instructors.


If the instructor is new you'll need to click the green plus button to add them. Fill in the required information on the form and optionally add an email address if you want that instructor to also have a login to your account. If you do want the instructor to have a login to gymGO make sure you check off "Allow Instructor To Login" as shown below.


After you add the instructor and chosen to give them a gymGO login we will automatically send them an invitation email. The invitation email will have instructions for the instructor. They will need to have access to the email and accept the invite.

How to resend an invite

To resend an invite click the button "resend invite". Note that when you resend an invite to an instruction gymGO invalidates the previous invites sent to the instructor. Also note that invites are only valid for two weeks after sending the first time. Once an invite expires you'll have to resend the invite.


To check the status of an invite click on the "Users" tab. You can see the status of invites as well as current users on the "users" tab.

How to delete an instructor

Have a former instructor that is no longer with the company-> You can now delete them and they will no longer be able to login into your gymGO account. Click back into the Instructors Tab and find the instructor you wish to remove and you will want to click onto the black trash can to completely remove this instructor. gymGO will then ask you if you Are Sure you wish to remove Yes.


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