Once you've set your business up chances are you'll want to share that business with the world so clients can book classes, purchase packages, subscribe to memberships, fill out forms, sign contracts and much more.

Custom URL

Every gymGO business has a "custom URL" which is an internet location that your clients can access through their browser. The format of the URL is go.gymgo.com/{business} where {business} is anything you would like it to be (provided that no other business is using that URL.

Setting Your Custom URL

Once you've chosen your custom URL you can make changes by going to "Account Settings" from the drop-down menu in the upper right hand corner.


Next, choose the "App Settings" tab, and then clicking the pencil icon on the "Business Name" card. From here you can edit your business name, phone number, time zone, and custom URL.


Once you've saved your business URL you can direct your clients there.

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