What is resolution?

Resolution is the width and height of a video feed. Here are the measurements of all three resolutions that gymGO offers:

HD: 1280 pixels x 720 pixels

Standard: 640 pixels x 480 pixels

Below Standard: 320 pixels x 240 pixels

Where do I set my default resolution?

You can set your default resolution in Account Settings under the App Settings tab.


How should I set my default resolution?

Your internet upload speed is going to help determine which resolution you should use. You can check your upload speed by going to fast.com.

Your upload speed is important for transmitting your video feed to your clients. You can test your upload speed by going to fast.com and running a speed test.

Upload Speed

Recommend Resolution Setting

Minimum Required

2 Mbps or higher

Below Standard

Good Connection

5 Mbps or higher


Excellent Connection

10 Mbps or higher


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