When planning your business and how you would like to charge your clients for virtual training and video on demand, you should be familiar with the costs to you. We've attempted to simplify the process as best we could and deliver a service that helps you increase your monthly revenue while providing a great online service to your clients.

What are gymGO Credits?

gymGO credits are used to pay for live online virtual sessions as well as any video recording, uploading, or on demand purchases. The chart below shows a breakdown of how many credits are used when completing each of these functions.

Live Video Small Group Private Credit Rate

5 credits per minute per client

Live Broadcast Streaming Rate

2.5 credits per minute per client

Live Recordings Credit Rate

5 credits per minute

Recording Credit Rate

2 credits per minute

Uploading Credit Rate

2 credits per minute

Video On Demand Credit Rate

1 credit per 5 minutes purchased

Some Session Examples

Example Description

Credit Rate

Example Session

1 on 1 or small group private

150 credits per client for 30 minutes

You train 3 clients for 30 minutes. Clients can see you. You can see clients. Clients cannot see each other.

450 credits total

1 way broadcast streaming

75 credits per client for 30 minutes

You set up a home studio and broadcast your workout to 30 clients for 30 minutes.

2,250 credits total

Record the instructor

5 credits per minute

You record yourself during a 30 minute session

150 credits in addition to the session cost

Your gymGO Credit Balance

Each month, your credit balance will be topped off based on which gymGO plan you are subscribed to. It will not accumulate so if you don't use any credits, your balance will remain the same. If you use some credits, your balance will be replenished to the monthly level. If you use all of your credits, you can purchase more credits for your account and the base balance will be replenished when your monthly subscription renews.

Purchasing Additional gymGO Credits

You can access your gymGO Bank from the credits value listed above the dashboard in the upper left hand corner. From this screen you will be able to add credits to your bank, as well as view your gymGO Bank Transactions list.


To add credits to your bank, select the "Buy More Credits" button in the upper right corner. You will be required to put in a minimum of $10. If you don't have a payment source on file, you will need to click "Add New" and add a credit card before you can purchase additional credits.

How much do additional credits cost?

The cost for additional credits varies depending which subscription plan you are on.





Cost For More Credits

$10 for 1,250

$10 for 1,325

$10 for 1,525

$10 for 2,000

Tracking your gymGO Credit Transactions

Each time your account has a gymGO credit transaction, it will be listed in the Most Recent Transactions list (pictured above). You can use the bank transaction list to view the date, amount, and reason for a credit withdrawal. You can also view how many credits will be used for a live session by clicking into the session from your calendar. From there, you will click "Enter Video Preview Area" and scroll down to see the credit rate in the lower right hand corner (pictured below).


gymGO will never charge your card directly to cover a session, if you need to add more credits to cover the cost of a live session, you will notice that the "Join Session Now" buttons on the video preview screen will be grayed out, and you will not be able to join your session until you purchase additional credits. To purchase additional credits, you can use the green "Reload Bank" button.


The system will automatically prompt you to add the minimum $10, however you want to ensure that you are adding enough to at least cover the session that you need to join. Please note, that in the end, you will only be charged credits for clients who actually join the live session and only for the amount of time that they are in the live session.


You may want to make sure that you have enough credits in your bank to cover a full weeks worth of sessions, so that you don't have to add to your bank at the last minute when you are trying to join a live session.

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